Salicylic Acid Treatments

Many clients come in with similar skin concerns: enlarged pores, distressed skin, and stubborn acne. One of the best ways to treat these concerns is with the use of salicylic acid. It is an active ingredient that is common for treating blemishes and breakouts. Salicylic acid is a gentle beta-hydroxy acid that exfoliates the skin through its natural shedding process by removing layers of dry, dead skin. The acid is a preferred exfoliant because it doesn’t require the harsh beads or vigorous scrubbing motion common to other known exfoliating agents. Instead, Salicylic acid is both gentle and non-aggravating!

Salicylic acid improves the skin by penetrating deep within the epidermal layers. It loosens dead skin to restore and reveal a tighter, brighter complexion. In so doing, it clears the pores by unclogging dirt and debris to remove acne triggering bacteria.

This ingredient works as an oil-soluble BHA that helps oily skin to generate a healthy balance. One should apply the acid daily, in a thin layer to coat the skin for the best results. By adding moisture and oil to the skin, it mitigates the overproduction of oil common from dry skin. However, it is important to consider that salicylic acid should not be used on broken skin, open wounds, or in conjunction with retinol, benzoyl peroxide or other strong acid-containing products.

Be sure to apply minimally and with caution for a clear, vibrant complexion and healthier skin!

Written by: Rachel Alter