About us

DermaSpark core values and work ethics.

Our mission

We enable skincare professionals to start, grow and maintain their skincare business by providing with the best-in-class equipment and the top-of-the-line support at all levels.

Who we are

We are a distribution company of professional capital equipment and consumables to the beauty industry with strong core values and work ethics built upon honesty, integrity, trust, and relationships.

Our core values

We relate to our customers, partner, vendors and each other with honesty, integrity, and loyalty.  We deeply care about our customers and spare no effort to help them in growing their businesses and increasing profitability.

While we acknowledge that we are a for-profit company, we invest in the wellbeing of our people even at the expense of profit and growth.  The importance of our fiscal indicators is secondary relative to the happiness and love level within the company.

How we relate to our customers

We measure our success upon our customers’ success, thus, we:

  • Carry state-of-the-art equipment, machines, and products to enable our customers to provide their patients with the best and most effective treatments that yield superior results.
  • Invest time, efforts, and resources to offer our customers extensive marketing material.
  • provide marketing assistance on a regular basis to support our customers’ marketing effort for services that are related to our equipment.
  • Assist our customers in every possible way and do our very best to accommodate any special request.

How we relate to our vendors and partners

We do business with like-minded companies, contractors, and partners that share our core values and work ethic.
We treat our vendors and partners with honesty, fairness, and the outmost respect.  We conduct our affairs in a way that all parties involved are happy and profitable.

Our Corporate Culture

While the nature of our work is individual as we are spread all over the country, we act as a team by supporting, empowering, encouraging and inspiring one another.

We treat one another with love, loyalty and great care.  We work as a team to support and increase customer satisfaction, not only in our individual territories but across the nation.