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Exfoliation- Is it Worth It?

Many of us have heard the word “exfoliation” and have understood it to be an essential part of a beauty routine. From home care to lavish facial treatments, exfoliating is a necessary component that promises to lift away dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells to reveal a rejuvenated and healthy...

Prickly Pear Extract is Anything BUT Prickly for Your skin!

Deep in the desert, there is one luxurious skin quenching ingredient proves to nourish and revive the skin. Prickly pear extract! It comes from the seeds of cactus native to parts of the USA, Mexico, South America, Africa, Australia, and the Mediterranean! This ingredient is a-top-of-the-line hydrator that is known...

Activated Bamboo Charcoal in the Beauty Industry

Although you may be used to the association between charcoal and chimneys, nowadays, activated bamboo charcoal is an absolute goldmine in the skin industry! Activated Bamboo Charcoal actually comes from bamboo that has been heated at high temperatures. It is widely used in various skin treatments, and is extremely effective...