FreezPen erases skin lesions and defects safely, precisely and comfortably, with cryotherapy.


Treats any area, any benign lesion:

  • Sun spots
  • Age spots
  • Skin tags
  • Warts
  • And other benign lesions

Professionals: Interested in the FreezPen device?


How it Works

1. Rapidly and precisely freeze the unwanted lesion.

2. Water in the lesion cells will freeze, expand and rupture the cell membrane.

3. Targeted lesion cells are destroyed, and the lesion disappears after healing.

Cryotherapy with FreezPen: The most precise and efficient form of cryotherapy, treating benign skin lesions and defects.

What is Cryotherapy:

Cryotherapy is the gold standard for removal of skin lesions in dermatology and aesthetic practices.

It’s the controlled destruction of unwanted tissue through the application of extreme cold.

Why FreezPen?

It’s the stress-free option that allows for a smooth and fast treatment of common benign skin lesion.


No downtime
No Scar

Other therapies’ disadvantages:

  Lack of precision
  Damage to healthy cell tissue
  Multiple treatment sessions required
  Risks of depigmentation

The Devices

8g FreezPen: 

Designed for aesthetic clinics, veterinary clinics, dermatologists, and more… Treats only small lesions, such as sunspots, dark spots and skin tags.

Comes with:

  • 8g FreezPen
  • 1-3mm applicator (blue)
  • 2-6mm applicator (white)
  • User manual
  • Tweezers for filter placement

16g FreezPen: 

Designed for aesthetic clinics, GP’s/family doctors, pediatricians, plastic surgeons, veterinary clinics, dermatologists, urologists & gynecologists (both genital warts), podiatrists and more… Treats all lesions.

Comes with:

  • 16g FreezPen
  • 1-3mm applicator (blue)
  • 2-6mm applicator (white)
  • 4-8mm applicator (green)
  • User manual
  • Tweezers for filter placement

Professionals: Interested in the FreezPen device?


Treating with FreezPen: fast, precise and safe.


  • Evaluate the width and depth of the lesion.
  • Debride and clean the zone.
  • Choose the appropriate nozzle based on the size of the lesion and the level of precision required.


  • Use FreezPen on the lesion with circular or criss cross movements.
  • Stay within the limits of the lesion.
  • Let the lesion thaw (30 seconds).
  • Dry the area with a tissue.
  • Treat again: two freezing cycles in one treatment session can be necessary to achieve result and lesion destruction.


During treatment:

  • Achieve tissue necrosis and destroy the skin lesion.

A few days after the treatment:

  • Blister may form.
  • Granulation and formation of new skin.
  • The old lesion will turn into a scab.

1- 3 weeks after the treatment:

  • The old lesion will fall off.

A couple of weeks after the treatment:

  • Some redness may remain, but the skin will continue to heal and return to it’s original colour.

Your Business

Benefits to your patients:

  • Results: Patients will only need one treatment to erase their lesion.
  • Quick: Patients can be in & out in just 10 minutes, one session required for the procedure.
  • Comfortable treatment: No need for local anaesthesia.
  • No downtime: Patients can go back to daily activities immediately after the treatment.
  • No surgical procedure: No cuts, no bleeding, no excision and no sutures.
  • Sterile: No risk of infection.
  • Precise and safe: Enough pressure to get to the bottom of the lesion without touching the healthy cells.
  • Easy: No post-care necessary.

Benefits to your business:

  • Treat clients in seconds
  • Most efficient and precise form of cryotherapy
  • Practical, easy to use, pen design
  • Low cost
  • No maintenance