World’s Best Non-Invasive Treatment For Removing Benign Skin Lesions


FreezPen erases benign skin lesions and blemishes safely, precisely and comfortably, with cryotherapy.

FreezPen is a safe, quick, and effective solution for all benign lesions:

Sunspots (solar lentigo)
Skin Tags (fibroma pendulum)
Angiomas and Hemangiomas
Warts – Common & Plantar
Seborrheic Keratosis
Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Before & Afters

Professionals: Interested in the FreezPen device?

Cryotherapy with FreezPen: The most precise and efficient cryotherapy treatment

What is Cryotherapy:

Cryotherapy is the gold standard for removal of skin lesions in dermatology and aesthetic practices.
It is the controlled destruction of unwanted skin growth through the application of extreme cold.

How FreezPen Works

1. FreezPen emits high-pressure N2O gas (-89 °C) that rapidly and precisely freezes the affected area
2. Water in the lesion cells freeze, expand and rupture the cell membrane.
3. Targeted lesion cells are destroyed, and the lesion disappears after healing

Why FreezPen?

It’s the most stress-free option that enables smooth and fast treatments of common benign skin lesions.


  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Precise
  • Comfortable
  • No anesthesia
  • No downtime
  • No scars

Other devices:

  • Lack of precision
  • Damage to healthy cell tissue
  • Pain
  • Multiple treatment sessions required
  • Risk of Scars
  • Risk of hyper/hypo-pigmentation

FreezPen 16g for Aesthetic Applications

Comes with:

  • 16g FreezPen device
  • One box with x12 N2O cartridges (16g each)
  • Small 1-3mm applicator (blue)
  • Medium 2-6mm applicator (white)
  • Large 4-8mm applicator (green)
  • Tweezers for easy filter replacement
  • FreezPen silicon stand
  • 18 months warranty
  • In-person Training & Certification
  • Comprehensive marketing package including rollup banner, poster, B&A flip chart, pictures, videos, assets for social media, and more.
  • Listing on our FreezPen website ( to help bring clients to your door
  • Ongoing clinical, marketing, and technical support

Treating with FreezPen: fast, precise and safe.

Benefits for your patients:

  • Versatile: Treat any benign lesion on any part of the body
  • Results: For most lesions, patients will only need one treatment.
  • Quick: Patients can be in & out in just 10 minutes.
  • Comfortable treatment: No need for local anaesthesia.
  • No downtime: Patients can go back to daily activities immediately after the treatment.
  • No surgical procedure: No cuts, no bleeding, no excision, and no sutures.
  • Sterile: No risk of infection.
  • Precise and safe: Controlled pressure allows targeting the lesion with minimal impact on the surrounding healthy skin
  • Easy: No special post-care necessary.

Benefits for your business:

  • Treat clients in seconds
  • Offer effective solutions to many types of skin lesions
  • Most efficient and precise form of cryotherapy
  • Practical, easy to use, light-weight ergonomic design
  • Affordable
  • No maintenance

Professionals: Interested in the FreezPen device?