Health Canada Licenses Dermaroller®

One extremely important feature of the Dermaroller® is its Health Canada licensing. It’s important that you protect your business by researching any device you use to ensure Health Canada Approval. The following shows you how to search for the Dermaroller’s Health Canada licensing and will help you in researching any device you currently use in your salon or clinic.

  1. Visit the Health Canada official website

  2. Select “active licence search” (in the middle of the page)

  3. Fill in the company name or the device name and hit “search”

Company Names & Devices represented by DermaSpark:

  • Dermaroller: Dermaroller, eDermaStamp
  • Pollogen: Legend, Maximus, Apollo, RegenXL
  • Arc Laser: Fox Laser



NO ANESTHESIA. NO DOWNTIME. NO SCARS. FreezPen erases skin lesions and defects safely, precisely and comfortably, with cryotherapy. BEFORE AND AFTER: Treats any area, any benign lesion: Sun spots Age spots Skin tags Warts And other benign lesions Professionals: Interested in the FreezPen device? CONTACT US! How it Works 1. Rapidly and precisely freeze the unwanted lesion. 2. Water in the lesion cells will freeze, expand and rupture the cell membrane. 3. Targeted lesion cells are destroyed, and the lesion disappears after healing. Cryotherapy with FreezPen: The most precise and efficient form of cryotherapy, treating benign skin lesions and defects. What is Cryotherapy: Cryotherapy is the gold standard for removal of skin lesions in dermatology and aesthetic practices. It’s the controlled destruction of unwanted tissue through the application of extreme cold. Why FreezPen? It’s the stress-free option that allows for a smooth and fast treatment of common benign skin lesion. Advantages: Fast Safe Precise Comfortable No downtime No Scar Other therapies’ disadvantages:   Lack of precision   Damage to healthy cell tissue   Pain   Multiple treatment sessions required   Scars   Risks of depigmentation The Devices 8g FreezPen:  Designed for aesthetic clinics, veterinary clinics, dermatologists, and more... Treats only small lesions, such as sunspots, dark spots and skin tags. Comes with: 8g FreezPen 1-3mm applicator (blue) 2-6mm applicator (white) User manual Tweezers for filter placement 16g FreezPen:  Designed for aesthetic clinics, GP’s/family doctors, pediatricians, plastic surgeons, veterinary clinics, dermatologists, urologists & gynecologists (both genital warts), podiatrists and more... Treats [...]