Recent clinical study proves VoluDerm micro-needle RF technology by Pollogen is safe and effective for dermal volumizing, scar reduction and treatment of wrinkles


VoluDerm brings the next generation of RF devices one step closer to the optimum goal of a natural-looking facelift. VoluDerm is effective in treating those hard to treat areas, such as the neck.

Pollogen Ltd., a global leader in the development of medical devices for the aesthetics market, announced the publication of a new article discussing the clinical results of Dr. Steven Shapiro’s study on VoluDerm technology for dermal volumizing, the treatment of wrinkles and facial rejuvenation. The study was recently published in Jacobs Journal of Experimental Dermatology (1/21/2015). The study entitled “VoluDerm Micro-Needle Technology for Treating Skin Laxity and Wrinkles: Initial Clinical Experience”, was authored by Steven D. Shapiro, M.D. Co-Director, Gardens Dermatology (Palm Beach Gardens, FL), Vol. Associate Professor, University of Miami.

VoluDerm technology is a minimally invasive solution that uses fine micro-needles combined with radio-frequency to gently ablate the epidermis and heat the deeper dermis layer for optimal facial rejuvenation and dermal volumizing. The micro-pins stimulate the body to naturally produce hyaluronic acid, new collagen and elastin. VoluDerm is incorporated in the Pollogen LEGEND+, an advanced aesthetic system with a dual technology platform that combines VoluDerm and TriPollar (RF) technologies.

During the study, subjects received VoluDerm micro-needle RF treatments for various aesthetic indications such as wrinkle reduction, skin firming and rejuvenating, facial contouring and neck treatment. After 5 treatments VoluDerm, “…demonstrated significant dermal volume enhancement, reduction of wrinkles including naso-labial folds, perioral and periorbital lines. Improvement of neck skin laxity and skin texture, were manifested by radiant skin, smaller pores and general volume increase.” The patients in the study found that there was none to minimal pain during treatment and no downtime.
The study results showed “…a reduction in the naso-labial folds, marionette lines, and corner of the mouth…” Dr. Shapiro writes that VoluDerm is “…a non-invasive procedure [that] brings this next generation of RF devices one step closer to the optimum goal of a facelift.”
Mr. Amichai Bar Nir – CEO Pollogen Ltd.: “We are thrilled about this new clinical study on VoluDerm technology. This study validates our continued commitment to producing safe, effective and virtually painless technologies that deliver significant immediate and long term facial rejuvenation and anti-aging results. This study has shown that non-invasive procedures can achieve significant results.”

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