Skin Tightening


Bring TriLipo Technology to Your Clinic with the MAXIMUS and LEGEND by Pollogen Pollogen MAXIMUS™ = TriLipo Pollogen LEGEND™ = TriLipo + RF Microneedling + RF Skin Resurfacing With MAXIMUS™, aesthetic practitioners can significantly improve and rejuvenate most facial and body areas. Facial results are impressive, both for skin tightening and jawline lifting treatments. Dramatic body results include localized fat reduction, cellulite improvement, reduction of sagging skin and muscle toning. Interested in the MAXIMUS™? LEARN MORE! Pollogen LEGEND™ is the most advanced medical aesthetic system incorporating leading industry technologies to provide effective contouring, tightening and toning of the face and body in a single device. Procedures are virtually painless and require no downtime. Patients can return to their daily routine shortly after their treatment. Interested in the LEGEND™? LEARN MORE! Triple action fat reduction. Clinically proven results. TriLipo is the only non-invasive treatment that harnesses the body’s natural processes for the most effective skin tightening, body contouring, and cellulite reduction results – all without destroying a single cell in your body. Benefits for You 1. Advanced Safety Safest RF technology on the market. 2. Most effective The only technology that combines RF with Dynamic Muscle Activation to work simultaneously on the dermis, fat layer and muscles. 3. No stress The focused TriPollar energy heats the tissue from within and minimized the risk of superficial burns and hot spots. 4. Lower cost No consumables and no maintenance. 5. User-friendly Intuitive and comfortable to operate. Benefits for Your Patients 1. It works! [...]