Meet Observ® Comprehensive Skin Analysis OBSERV® is a one-of-a-kind skin analysis system that exposes the skin like never before. Powered by sophisticated skin illumination technology, OBSERV® shows hidden irregularities that lurk beneath the skin’s surface. This allows aesthetic professionals to diagnose all kinds of skin abnormalities that otherwise would remain unseen, and even before they reach the surface. OBSERV® offers the most comprehensive diagnostic toolkit for those who wish to see deeper into the skin and visualize its many complex conditions with unparalleled clarity. Enhance Your Diagnostic Capabilities 3 Analysis Modes: Texture Mode Highlights skin topography to enhance the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, pores, comedones, scars, and other textural concerns PIGMENTATION MODE Exposes Melasma, PIH, sun spots and other pigmentation patterns beneath the skin’s surface VASCULARITY MODE Reveals the underlying microvascular network of the skin to uncover areas of inflammation and other common vascular disorders such as Rosacea and Telangiectasia ILLUMINATE • ANALYZE • TREAT The skin is much more complex than what can be seen with the naked eye. That is why the OBSERV® features 5 different illumination modes, which equip you with 5 diagnostic modes and 3 analysis modes that reveal what’s beneath the skin’s surface: 5 Diagnostic Modes: DaylightMode Soft natural daylight illumination is ideal for: Establishing a baselinefor consultation Monitoring treatment progress Maintaining your before & after photo library Parallel Polarization Highlights textural patterns such as: Fine lines and wrinkles Scars Pores White / black heads Rough scaly skin Dryness Cross Polarization Highlights vascular […]