A Recent Clinical Comparative Study Shows Hybrid Energy (VoluDerm HE) Micro-needle RF Technology by Pollogen is a Safer and More Tolerable Treatment Option for the Ageing Neck with Minimal Pain and No Downtime

The Unique Method of Administering the Treatment Energy Directly into the Dermis via Micro-needles, Enables a Controlled, Focused Treatment While Minimizing the Thermal Effect on the Epidermis, Enabling minimal Downtime and Adverse Effects

TEL AVIV, Israel, June 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pollogen Ltd., a global leader in the development of medical devices for the aesthetics market, is pleased to announce the publication of a new article discussing the clinical results of Dr. Dvora Ancona’s comparison study of two technologies to treat the ageing neck. The study, “Treating the neck with Hybrid Energy Technology,” was recently published in Prime International Journal of Aesthetic and Anti-ageing Medicine in March 2016. The study was authored by Dvora Ancona, MD, Juva Medical Center, Milan, Italy.

Hybrid Energy (Surgen HE, Pollogen, Israel) technology is a minimally invasive solution that uses fine micro-needles combined with radio-frequency to gently resurface the epidermis and heat the deeper dermis layer for optimal facial rejuvenation and dermal volumizing. The micro-pins stimulate the body to naturally produce hyaluronic acid, new collagen and elastin. Hybrid Energy is incorporated in the Surgen and Pollogen LEGEND, advanced aesthetic systems with a dual technology platform that combines Hybrid Energy micro-needle RF and TriLipo (RF) technologies.

This retrospective study tested two micro-needle devices and was designed to evaluate the effect of fractional Hybrid Energy microneedle RF technology for treatment of neck skin laxity and wrinkles and to compare it to the effect of another microneedle RF technology, which uses thicker needles and various needle lengths. In this study there were two treatment groups (Group A – Surgen HE and Group B – another micro-needle RF). For each of the devices (A and B), treatment regimens and number of treatments were performed according to each of the manufacturers’ instructions and specifications. Group A received four treatments, at one week intervals and Group B received three treatments at four week intervals.

The study demonstrated that treatment with both RF microneedle devices resulted in improvement of skin laxity and general neck appearance. Group A, treated with the Hybrid Energy, a combination of RF and an additional electrical energy intended to enhance clinical effect, did not require a local anesthesia. Therefore, the general visit time was shorter than those treated in Group B. The subjects of Group B required the application of a topical anesthesia, extending visit duration, however, and the pain rating was still higher than Group A.

The performance of each device was evaluated through photographic evaluation, pain tolerance index, visual inspection and subject satisfaction.

The results of this study demonstrated that Hybrid Energy technology offers a safer, more satisfactory and tolerable treatment option for the ageing neck, with minimal pain and no downtime.

“I was pleased with the results of the study,” said Dr. Ancona.  “I’ve worked with different micro-needle devices over the years and have found that the Surgen with Hybrid Energy technology provides the best results and minimal pain and downtime. The clients have been very satisfied.”

Mr. Moshe Shneor – CEO Pollogen Ltd. commented, “We are thrilled about this new clinical study on Hybrid Energy technology. This study validates our continued commitment to producing safe, effective and virtually painless technologies that deliver significant immediate and long term facial rejuvenation and anti-aging results. This study has shown that non-invasive procedures can achieve significant results.”

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